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RWBY Watches Death Battle — REMASTERED — A RWBY fanfiction by epicvictory2025, remastered by FireballDragon

Episode 15 — Luke Skywalker VS Harry Potter

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Enjoy the 15th remastered chapter.

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Ruby puts in the final episode for tonight. Tomorrow is Monday and the team needs to prepare for their tests.

Death Battle starts after a site called Carbonite is mentioned.

(Cue Invader - Jim Johnston)

RWBY sees a lot of handsome, young, heroic boys as the protagonists of their respective franchises. Many of their weapons range from swords to futuristic guns. Ruby is gonna like this one.

Wiz: Every generation has idolized a sci-fi hero.

Boomstick: Like Luke Skywalker, legacy of the Jedi...

Wiz: …And Harry Potter, the boy who lived.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

The first contestant is a young man who looks kinda cute to the girls eyes and has short blonde hair. He appears to wear a variety of outfits but the most eye catching is the black combat outfit he wears in the fights.

Luke Skywalker

Wiz: As the orphan son of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker carries the blood of the most powerful Sith lord ever known.

"Wait… Darth Vader is his father?!" Weiss said with disbelief as she watches Luke challenge the black knight-like figure in a laser sword duel. The other three were flabbergasted as well.

Since episode 1, they wondered who Darth Vader was and based on his looks, he's quite powerful, and very much evil. Now they're featuring the son of this evil Sith lord. RWBY wonders if Darth Vader will ever be a combatant to this show.


Height: 5'7"

Weight: 169 lbs.

Raised as a farmer

Prosthetic Right Hand

Son of Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One

Married to Mara Jade

Wiz: He was raised by his aunt and uncle, who kept him safe by disguising his true powers before being taught by a wise old mentor in the ways of the force.

This is intriguing. Luke sounds like some kind of prodigy child in the books Blake has read. Ruby admired the old mentor training Luke like how her uncle Qrow did.


Custom Built

Approx. 4 Ft. Blade

Cuts Through Most Objects

Based on Kenobi's Saber

Expends No Heat or Energy Until Physical Contact

Uses Form V [Djiem So]

Boomstick: Luke's weapon of choice is the lightsaber, a combination of my two favorite killing tools: Swords and lasers.

This weapon before them was unlike any other weapon they've seen on Remnant as Luke cuts down his opponents to size with the green energy blade.

Ruby was awestruck with a face like that of a kid in a candy store as she gazes upon the awesome looking energy sword. WBY were also impressed by the weapon. The blade also comes in many colors, and as such, RWBY all wants a lightsaber with their respective colors.

"I want one of those!" Ruby shouted.

Wiz: Despite having little formal training, Luke advanced in lightsaber combat much faster than any other Jedi.

Blake and Weiss were impressed of Luke's quick learning.

Boomstick: He even took down a freakin' TIE fighter with it. Only a month after he blew up the Death Star. What a badass.

The girls were even further impressed with Luke after hearing that he take down what they presume is a flying fighter with his blade. Even more impressed he destroyed a HUGE space station. They agree with Boomstick. Badass, indeed.

Wiz: Luke is a master of Form V (Djiem So), an aggressive combat stance with defensive postures, specializing in both perseverance and pressuring an opponent.

That fighting style was unlike any other kind of defensive combat they have heard of which brought interest to WBY.

Boomstick: Despite what you might think, the lightsaber isn't just for killing, it also works pretty damn well for defense.

Ruby squealed in excitement at seeing Luke use the lightsaber to deflect and reflect laser shots at him.


Surrounds All Living Things (Like Aura)

Control — Manipulating the aspects of one's body (Common in most Aura users)

Sense — Recognizing & Immersing in environment (Less common in Aura users)

Alter — Manipulating subjects and environments (Rare in Aura users)

Wiz: Even so, Luke's most instrumental tool is his unrivaled connection to the force.

Hearing that sounded like Aura again. RWBY listens carefully.

Wiz: He can control it in three aspects: control, sense and alter; controlling all aspects of the body, sensing and utilizing his surroundings, and altering the environment.

The girls were surprised and intrigued at how similar to Aura this "Force" is.

Boomstick: Like the Mind Trick thingy. Oh ho, man, the terrible things I would do with that.

Weiss made a serious frown at hearing Boomstick's obvious idea on what he would do with the Jedi Mind Trick.


Force Persuasion

Increased Senses

Increased Speed and Strength

Force Choke



(Cue Sail Barge Attack)

Wiz: When injured or exhausted, he can push his physical limits with the Force Body ability and use flash burn to neglect pain until he can mend his wound with Force Heal.

Still sounds similar to Aura.

Boomstick: Also, Luke uses the Force to move things with his mind with almost no limits.

Telekinesis is actually a very rare semblance in Huntsmen. The only known person to have telekinesis as their Semblance is none other than Glynda Goodwitch. RWBY is impressed at how versatile Luke is with the Force.

Wiz: Finally, Luke can use Shatterpoint to identify any possible weakness or fracture in a subject. Add just a little pressure to the force...

Boomstick: … And boom! They explode faster than a firestone tire.

This power is unlike any power known on Remnant. The girls watch Luke put his hand forward, causing several opponents to either choke or explode. They jaw-drop at how he does all this with little effort.

Wiz: Luke has defeated a large variety of foes. Ranging from Stormtroopers to deadly Sith lords. One of which Luke had to construct a second lightsaber to beat.

"Dual wielding!" Yang and Ruby said.


Shorter, Red Blade

Approx. 2 Ft. Blade

Used in Jar'Kai Form

Used Sparingly

Boomstick: His shorter, red Shoto saber was made to counter the Sith Lumiya's lightwhip and it worked pretty damn well.

Ruby was excited again at seeing Luke wielding two lightsabers. She can't hold much that much excitement much longer. Weiss and Blake were also intrigued with the lightsabers and how they actually work.

Wiz: He still carries it, though prefers a single blade over two handed combat.

Boomstick: Heh heh, penis joke.

Weiss made a look of disgust while blushing, Blake didn't make a reaction while blushing, Ruby blushed a bit and Yang was barely trying to hold in her laughter while blushing. The way Luke holds his saber in a certain stance does remind them of a boy doing… something.

Boomstick: Anyway, Luke doesn't have an obvious weakness aside from some pretty serious daddy issues.

Weiss really cringed at that mention along seeing Luke overpowering Darth Vader, who's his dad, and cutting his hand off. Weiss does have a few personal issues with her father… however, she still loves him… deep down… even when she doesn't want to talk to him.

Boomstick: He doesn't carry a blaster, but unlike other stupid Jedi, he isn't afraid to use one.

"Always come prepared." Weiss said.

Wiz: While Luke is no fan of violence, he certainly will not pull any punches.

Luke Skywalker: I am a Jedi, like my father before me.

RWBY is really impressed with Luke Skywalker. He's a badass and quite well-trained. His Force powers really struck a chord with RWBY as to how similar it is to Aura. Ruby loves his lightsaber and Yang just loves his feats. On with the next opponent.

The second opponent is a young boy that appears to be around Weiss, Blake and Yang's age. Other depictions show him at ages ranging from 11 to 17. His outfits range from regular clothes to his wizard robe, all while sporting glasses (Which makes him look nerdish but also cute).

The most eye-catching feature is a scar on his forehead that looks like a lightning bolt. They see him riding a broomstick and chasing a little golden orb with bug-like wings in some kind of sport.

Harry Potter

Wiz: As an orphan, Harry Potter carries the talent of the most powerful dark wizard known; Lord Voldemort.

Voldemort is a scary looking dark wizard with pale skin, sharp fingernails and clad in a dark robe. The weirdest feature… he lacks a nose.


Height: N/A [Tall]

Weight: N/A [Skinny]

Born July 31, 1980

Half-Blood Wizard

Accidentally Cursed to Carry Voldemort's Powers

Married to Ginny Weasley

Wiz: He was raised by his aunt and uncle, who kept him safe by disguising his true powers, before being taught by a wise old mentor in the ways of magic.

That description almost sounded exactly like Luke's. These two must have a lot in common. No wonder they were matched-up to fight.

Boomstick: Now why does that sound familiar?


Length: 11 in.

Make: Holly

Core: Phoenix Feather

Described as "Nice & Supple"

Brother of Voldemort's Wand

Wiz: Harry wields an 11-inch phoenix core holly wand. He has learned numerous spells and is exceptionally skilled in charms.

Weiss pays particular attention to this, as this seems so similar to Aura and Dust usage.


Expelliarmus [Disarms]

Confundus [Confuses]

Stupefy [Stuns]

Protego [Shields]

Patronus [Shields from Dark creatures]

Accio [Summons Objects]

Boomstick: His trademark attack is the disarming charm, Experlleraptamus… or whatever.

Wiz: Expelliarmus.

Boomstick: Which can either knock a weapon away or throw the opponent through the air.

Weiss noticed how similar that spell was to the Glyph attack she used on that giant armor a while ago.

Wiz: The Confundus charm temporarily confuses the target, Stupefy stuns people, and the shield charm protects Harry from all attacks.

Weiss was even further impressed with Harry's charms, as she also wields similar spells in her glyphs. RBY were also intrigued with Harry's charms.

Boomstick: And he can summon anything he wants with Accio. (Clears throat) Accio money! Accio loose women! ...Damn.

Yang and Ruby were laughing really hard, Blake didn't say anything but slightly smirked, and Weiss scoffed at the idea of Boomstick summoning "those" kinds of women.


0 to 150 mph in 10 seconds

Braking Charm

Perfect Balance

Streamlined Ash

Individually Selected Twigs of Aerodynamic Perfection

Wiz: His firebolt is a racing broom that can reach 150 miles per hour in less than 10 seconds.

Even though most Huntsmen can reach greater speeds in less time, RWBY is still impressed with the broomstick. Ruby even wishes she could ride one. They even imagined Glynda as a witch who rides broomsticks, which brought some chuckles.

Boomstick: That's even faster Wiz getting shot down by a woman.

Wiz: Right! ...Wait, no! Back to Spells!

This time, everyone was laughing.


Reducto [Destroys Objects]

Sectumsempra [Slashes]

Oppungo [Objects Attack]

Imperio [Controls Minds]

Crucio [Causes Pain]

Avada Kedavra [The Killing Curse]

Wiz: Harry is also experienced in curses. He destroys objects with Reducto, Slashes enemies with Sectumsempra, and controls minds with Imperious.

For some reason, these curses sound really dark and dangerous to use, and sound fitting for evil wizards to wield.

Boomstick: And then there's the Killing Curse, Abracadabra.

Wiz: Avada Kedavra.

That curse sounds really dark and evil, even saying it makes chills their spines. They watch the curse strike a spider-like creature, and it dies instantly.

Boomstick: Oh. So that magician wasn't trying to kill me. I guess I should probably go apologize to his family.

Everybody was silent.

"Boomstick... you idiot." Weiss facepalmed.

Wiz: While Harry has never actually used the Killing Curse, it is implied that he can. It is an instant kill and unblockable.

They watch Harry hide behind a statue as the Killing Curse doesn't even reach him… despite being said it's unblockable.

"They said it's unblockable, and yet, it even can't pass a wall." Blake pointed out.

Boomstick: Unless it hits a wall, or a sword or… anything really.

Wiz: Almost all magic requires a line of sight and eye contact to perform, the Killing Curse is no exception.

Weiss also needs to focus on her opponent to use her Glyphs just right.



Long Range


Does Not Require a Wand

Possibly Easier to Do With a Wand

Boomstick: Harry also know Appar… teleporting, and can do it without a wand.

Similar to Neo, even though it's not confirmed if it's her Semblance or not, along with creating glass illusions.


Prevents Mind Control & Mind Reading

Has Not Mastered, but is Adequate

Unconventionally Uses a Fond Memory as a Shield

Wiz: His training in Occlumency defends his mind from any sort mental attack or illusion.

Some Huntsmen can do that with the proper training.

Boomstick: And he's got all sorts of other spells, but I seriously doubt the tickle charm's gonna help him much in the fight. So let's move on.

Everyone chuckled.


The Third Deathly Hallow

Does Not Wear Out

Hides the Wearer

Cannot be Detected Unless the Wearer Allows it

Wiz: Harry owns the Cloak of Invisibility, an unrelenting Deathly Hallow that hides the wearer from sight and cannot be detected.

Ruby, Weiss and even Blake were staring at the beautiful cloak. Harry puts it on and suddenly disappears. Blake wishes she had one so it be easier for her to sneak around. Weiss was eyeing the design of the cloak.

Boomstick: Unless he makes a noise or pokes his foot out.

"Seems legit." Said Yang.

Wiz: Harry is a quick draw with his wand and has performed many great feats at varied young ages.

They watch Harry in awe as he defeats a pack of cloaked ghost-like beings with a spell that sends a wave of blinding light. Even more impressive is that they see him kill a giant serpent the size of a King Taijitu with nothing but a sword.

Wiz: He has also mastered non-verbal spells.

Boomstick: By the time he was 17, he was beating up way more experienced wizards. In the battle for Hogwarts, he had no problem kicking a ton of Death Eater ass, not to mention Lord Voldemort himself.

They were now giving Harry a lot of respects for his accomplishments.

Wiz: Afterwards, Harry became head of the Dark Wizard Hunting Aura Office, even though he's technically a Hogwarts dropout.

Boomstick: He never did finish that seventh year, but I guess if you kill the lord of ultimate evil, you get a G.E.D.

They watch as Harry accidentally ignites a small flame inside a jar with magic to turn it into a giant fire.

Harry Potter: Engorgio. Reducio!

RWBY was awed and impressed with this Harry Potter guy at accomplishing a lot and having a whole variety of spells. Will it be enough to beat Luke Skywalker? Only one way to find out.

Wiz: Alright the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all. But first, let me recommend Carbonite.

Boomstick: For all your Han Solo freezing needs.

They see a man named Han Solo frozen in some kind of small chamber and they can see his face and hands covered in the frozen minerals on him. The girls felt scared at seeing Han in that state. He looks helpless.

Wiz: Uh, no Boomstick, it's a website.

Boomstick: What?

Carbonite was a site about protecting your saved files and other stuff on your computer from viruses, spyware and "electro cancer" if your computer ever crashes. On with the fight.

Boomstick: But right now, it's time for a Death Battle!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… On an unknown planet in a city that floats high above the clouds, there stood Luke Skywalker waiting for something.

Luke sees Harry Potter, with his wand, slowly approaching him.

Luke draws his lightsaber that makes a cool sound as the blade emerges (RWBY loves the sound it makes)

RWBY is ready for the final battle for the night.


Harry: Avada Kedav…

Harry was about to fire the Killing Curse, but Luke was quicker on the draw as he uses Force Persuasion to control Harry's mind. Fortunately for Harry, his experience in Occlumency helps him break from Luke's grip and is now free.

(Cue Battle of the Heroes)

Harry: Avada Kedav-

Luke interrupts Harry again with Force Push and Harry is knocked back. Luke leaps into the air while somersaulting towards Harry to slice him to ribbons but Harry teleports out of the way.

Harry fires a series of non-verbal spells which Luke manages to block and deflect, then he leaps over a fired spell and tries to hit Harry, who teleports away again to another safe spot.

Harry: Expelliarmus!

Harry fires that spell along with other non-verbal spells, but the Jedi blocks them all again. Luke uses the Force and knocks Harry's wand out of his hand. Luke charges towards Harry, but the wizard teleports away and recovers his wand.

Harry: Accio Firebolt!

Luke throws his lightsaber like a boomerang towards Harry.

The girls were awed as that move that wasn't mentioned in the analysis.

Harry: Protego!

Harry shields himself and the lightsaber is deflected back which Luke catches it. Luke is knocked back to the ground by the Firebolt broom that Harry summoned who hops on and flies away.

Harry now has the aerial advantage as he swoops by and fires spells at Luke. Luke is still managing to block and deflect the non-verbal spells.

Luke uses the Force, catches Harry and his broomstick and sends them to the roof of the buildings. The impact turns the broomstick to splinters but Harry is okay as he puts on the Cloak of Invisibility and teleports.

Even with the Force, Luke can't sense Harry's presence. But he can still hear him.

Harry: Confundo!

Luke throws his lightsaber, but it appears he missed which confuses RWBY. Luke is making Harry put his guard down.

Harry: Stu-

He teleports behind Luke and finishes his charm.

Harry: -pefy!

Luke rolls under the spell that he avoids. Harry is unaware that the lightsaber flies back into Luke's hand as Luke creates a huge Force shockwave, causing Harry to lose his cloak.

Harry was about to retaliate but he can't say a word as he feels his throat painfully tighten. Luke is using Force Choke, which is kinda dark and gruesome for a hero to use.

As the wizard stands there helplessly gasping and choking for air, Luke throws his lightsaber.

As RWBY believes this is over, Harry fires a non-verbal spell which destroys the lightsaber.

"NO!" Ruby screamed in horror at seeing the awesome weapon demolished.

With Luke disarmed, Harry goes on the offensive.

Harry: Avada Kedavra!

Luke rolls under the Killing Curse to dodge it. Harry fires more non-verbal spells but Luke can still fight without his weapon as he uses the Force to block the spells.

Harry has one more trick up his sleeve.

Harry: Sectumsempra!

The Jedi is caught off guard as he feels a painful slash across his side and blood is drawn from the wound. RWBY cringed at that.

Luke is now pissed.

This ends now.

Luke uses Shatterpoint to find a weakness.

He finds it.

The camera zooms on Harry as RWBY sees the lightning bolt scar.

They have a bad feeling about this.

Suddenly, the scar starts expanding from the Force's grip as the scar finally splits off Harry's forehead and part of his face.

Harry screams in agony as blood sprays everywhere. RWBY cringed REALLY hard at that painful experience. Luke must've benn really mad.

With Harry stunned, Luke slowly draws his spare Shoto saber with the Force, then throws it which impales Harry in the stomach, killing him.


(Cue The Throne Room)

That was an awesome fight, but the girls thought the ending was pretty brutal.

On with the results.

Boomstick: Man, Harry did a surprisingly good job, keeping Luke at a distance.

The huntresses agreed at that.

Wiz: But Luke fought smart and tried to finish Harry quickly with Force Persuasion. But Harry was able to resist thanks to Occlumency.

They remembered that.

Boomstick: Then Luke used Force Choke to stop Harry from casting spells.

Luke's pragmatic way of fighting seemed like a good counter for Harry's more versatile magic. The girls were impressed at how well these two seemed to match each other.

Wiz: And although Luke could dodge the Avada Kedavra, the instantaneous Sectumsempra curse caught him off guard.

"Looks like Harry had quite a few tricks up his sleeve. Eh? Ehh?" Said Yang while Weiss groaned again at the cheap puns. Yang was smirking.

Wiz: But with Shatterpoint, Luke discovered an exploitable flaw.

Boomstick: That famous lightning bolt scar, which "Forced" Harry to lose the battle.

Yang laughed at that subtle pun, while RWB groaned as usual.

Wiz: The winner is Luke Skywalker.

The girls cheered at the fight and prepared for bed. There was no teaser for the next fight, so they'll just have to wait after classes to see who's up next. Little do they know; the fighters are women.

Meanwhile, at an undisclosed location, several men in suits, their faces covered in shadow, were surrounding a giant brown package the size of a fridge, as it stood in front of what appeared to be a warpgate.

"Alright, then. As executive overseer of the IDLPI, it's my honor to announce the start of our very first delivery! Are the dimensional coordinates set?"

"Dimensional coordinates all set, sir! As per your request, they have been completely randomized. Even I don't know where the package will end up!"

"Are you sure about this? I'm not sure if they'll even understand the language written on-"

"Stop! Don't. When I started this project, I did so with the intent of making sure that people like the ones we're trying to contact can enjoy the same experiences we once relished. If this delivery is a bust, we'll just have to try again."

"He's got a point, you know. I mean, we DID get multiple copies just in case the recipients ended up, I dunno, EATING them or something."

"I intend to see this project through to the very end, and I expect results. I won't stop until we get satisfactory results. Am I clear?"

"Crystal clear, sir."

"Good. Activate reactor core! Begin anomalous matter interruption! Initiate space-time displacement! Lock-on to target coordinates and run pre-route check!"

The warpgate in front of the package activated, a portal shining bright from within. On the other side of the portal was… Remnant?!

"Here we go."

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